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 dying yarn 

Dying speckled yarn by breaking Wilton's Violet is fun, easy and it gives beautiful results! Written instructions will be on my blog within 24 hours. 

Have you ever dyed speckled yarn with Easter Egg dye? It's so much fun!

Breaking Wilton's Violet to dye yarn is fun and easy, check it out!

Have you ever wanted to dye yarn? Tie Dying cotton yarn is fun and easy! 

Have you ever wanted to dye yarn? Dying wool yarn with kool-aid is cheap, fun and easy! Check out this picture tutorial to see for yourself!

How to wind yarn with a yarn swift and winder. Have you ever gotten a beautiful twisted hank of yarn? Are you afraid to use it? Try this simple picture tutorial!

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More coming soon! Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Email me at

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