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"nap often and dream big."

Original artwork by Alexandra Halsey

Pretty Facial Rounds 

Wrap Labels


These wrap labels are perfect to wrap individual facial rounds or sets of 2-5 facial rounds that have a diameter of 4 inches.


Clover The Bee



These tags are perfect to add to your Clover The Bees to help spread awareness for saving the bees. The tags are 2 pages, the first page has a drawing of Clover The Bee and the second page has a list of 5 things you can do to help save the bees.


Clover The Bee



"Bee Is For Boy"

This artwork is perfect to gift with Clover the Bees for boy baby showers!

"Bee Kind"

This artwork is perfect to go along with Clover The Bee when gifting!

"Bees On Earth"

A play on Peace On Earth, this artwork is a wonderful gift to go along with Clover The Bee for any big bee lover!


Easy Tunisian Honeycomb Dishcloth

Wrap Labels


These wrap labels are a perfect addition if you are wanting to sell or gift

these beautiful dishcloths. Free PDF download includes 4 different options.

Option 1 is without a set number so that you can write it in, Option 2 is for a set of 2, Option 3 is fora set of 3 and Option 4 is for a set of 4 dishcloths.


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