A Crochet Voodoo Doll For My Best Friend

July 29, 2014

Last week, my best friend from second grade, sent me a picture of a voodoo doll with a message saying, “My birthday is very soon, hint hint.” Needless to say, that night I started crocheting a voodoo doll. I didn’t know that I would ever make one, but when a loved one asks, you obey. And I did want to make her something really special that she would love. On the first day of second grade, when I met her I knew that she would be my best friend. We grew inseparable, which says a lot because I am an identical twin and me and my twin have always been really close. In fourth grade her parents moved her away because of a job opportunity and even though we were a few hours away our dads managed to let us have a few sleepovers and we stayed in contact, and we have visited each other as adults and stayed close.

I'm glad I made this voodoo doll, it was a really fun project, I have ideas for more, and I think she turned out absolutely adorable!!!

To make her voodoo doll I used a free pattern and then I made up a head because I needed a smaller one to add extras to.

The free pattern:


My head: worked in a continuous spiral with stitch markers (US terms)


Round 1: Make a slipknot and chain 1, Put 7 SC into the slipknot. =7

Round 2: 2 SC into the first stitch. repeat around. =13

Round 3: 2 SC into the first stitch, SC into the next stitch. repeat around, =20

Round 4: 2 SC into the first stitch, SC into the next 2 stitches. repeat around. =27

Round 5: 2 SC into the first stitch, SC into the next 3 stitches. repeat around. =34

Round 6-10: SC around. =34

Round 11: SC Dec, SC in the next 3 stitches. repeat around. =27

Round 12: SC Dec, SC in the next 2 stitches. repeat around. =20

Round 13: SC around. =20 

Add a face.

I added safety eyes between rows 7 & 8. (sizes 6mm and 10mm)

Stuff and sew to the body.


If you want to make a crochet voodoo doll, I hope this helps and I would love for you to post pictures on my facebook page:


And the finished doll with all the extras:

A heart for her to love with:

Googly eyes and a stitchin smile:

A bandana and bangs:

More stitches:

Hanging around:


Never Give Up!!! <3Alex



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