The Happy Blossom Granny Square Is In Her Story Magazine!

August 8, 2014


I have been keeping a secret and I can finally share it!!! Her Story, the brand new magazine is out and I contributed to it! The granny square that I had been working on a few weeks ago, was for a very special project. A really sweet lady contacted me, through my facebook page, about contributing a crochet picture tutorial for the first issue of her brand new magazine and I decided to do it! And with the help of one of my very special and sweet facebook followers, the granny square was named The Happy Blossom Granny Square! Thank you so much Tanya C!!!  So, my contribution to this really cool, new magazine was a step by step picture tutorial on how to crochet my square with either 5, 6, or 7 rounds depending on the look/size you are wanting. I had a lot of fun designing this granny square partly because it was challenging to push myself to figure it out. 



Her Story, the magazine, is for women who want to feel inspired. It encourages women to take time out for yourself to relax, learn, grow, heal, and have fun. This magazine is for women who have chronic illnesses, are shy or introverted, or face other life challenges. It has interviews, how to’s and projects, poems, inspirational articles, recipes, and more.  I think this is a really wonderful magazine and I am so happy that I contributed to the first issue.


To buy your digital download, follow this link:



Never Give Up!!! <3Alex





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