My Experience With Young Living Essential Oils

September 26, 2014


My skin burns, A LOT. I have been diagnosed with Lupus, Crohn's Disease, Fibromyalgia, IC, Gerd and Migraines. I'm not sure which one causes the burning but it get's bad. This summer only made the burning skin pain worse with the North Carolina heat and humidity combo. The burning feels like an extremely bad sunburn with welts on top of the burning. Sometimes I imagine that I must feel like the witch in The Wizard of Oz, I’m melting, my skin is melting! It's not that funny but I try to keep a positive attitude when I can.


One day, this summer after I had made a post on my Facebook page about my skin burning really bad, I got a message. The message was from my best friend from high school.  Julia had started using Young Living Essential Oils and wanted to use me as a guinea pig, to try to help my burning skin and Lupus symptoms. She said that the Young Living Essential Oils had made a great improvement in her and her family’s life. They use the oils for eczema, sleep apnea, headaches, nightmares, stress, to unwind before bed, insomnia, and anxiety/panic attacks to name a few. When Julia had one of the worst panic attacks of her life, she got into her tub, and put her Young Living Essential Oil Diffuser next to her with Joy, Believe, and Clary Sage in it. Within 5 minutes she started feeling relief and within 10 minutes it gave her enough joy and energy to shave her legs. Her family even uses the oils on their Chihuahua for Congestive Heart Failure. It’s a human blend but can be used on dogs too and seems to really help her, especially the coughing. She also seems to enjoy it too. To read more about Julia’s journey with Young Living Essential Oils you can visit her facebook page: Essentially Coping With Depression and Anxiety or her Blog. 


So, I said YES, I would love to try them!


After I said yes, Julia went to work mixing up concoctions for me to try. She decided on an Energy Blend, a Sleepy Lotion, a Neuropathy/Cooling Spray and a Pain Blend.



Julia brought me the blends, spray and lotion and I started giving them a try. 



That night I tried the sleepy lotion. I put it on my toes, feet, and the back of my neck. The first thing I noticed was that the smell was really nice and made me feel a little relaxed. Within 20 minutes I could really feel a difference, my eyelids felt a little heavy and I felt calm. I fell asleep quickly that night and have continued to use the lotion every night since then. I also rub the sleepy lotion on my legs when they are feeling restless and it does help to calm them down too and I’m able to relax or sleep.





My son also uses it now and loves it! He can be twitchy and tossing and turning in bed, and then after I rub some sleepy lotion on his neck, he falls asleep within 10 minutes. If I forget to put it on him he reminds me too. One night he was talking about how much he loves the sleepy lotion, and he made this short 12 second video:



The next morning, I woke up and tried the Energy blend. This smell was a little strange to me but still very pleasant. I applied it behind my ears and on my big toes and after a few minutes I felt invigorated and not like I could fall asleep standing up, like I normally feel. It seemed to wake me up and I felt refreshed. I applied it again that afternoon and I felt a little boost in my energy levels and again I felt refreshed. Since then, I also use this blend every day. 




The first time I used the Pain Blend I was cramping badly and my joints were aching too. I rolled the blend on my stomach, joints, and my big toes. Within 20 minutes I felt relief. The pressure and pain in my abdomen and the bone cracking pain in my joints had eased enough for me to stop crying. I couldn’t believe it. I use the pain roll on almost every day on whichever body parts or joints are hurting the most and I always apply it to my big toes too. It doesn’t seem to help my headaches much but when I feel like my forehead won’t relax and it’s all scrunched up, I do rub it on my temples and that does relax my forehead and will prevent a headache. I also use the pain roll-on my face when only it is burning and it helps ease the pain.





The Neuropathy/Cooling spray is wonderful. When my skin is burning I spray it on my back, arms, neck, face, and immediately I feel a since of relief because the spray feels so cold. Within 5-10 minutes the welts, and the worst of the burning skin pain is under control. Sometimes it makes all the burning pain ease but sometimes on really bad days it just makes it tolerable. I use the spray anytime I feel the burning start.



Do you want to know how Julia made the blends, lotion and spray for me? Here are the directions:



How to Make the Energy Blend






-Peppermint YLEO

-Lemon YLEO

-Cinnamon Bark YLEO

-Pachouli YLEO

-Olive Oil


How to make:


In a 10ml Roller Bottle, add 8 drops of each Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to the bottle. Fill the remainder with Olive Oil. Shake well.


Directions for use:


Apply to temples, clavical notch (over Thyroid) and behind ears 2-4 times daily.


How to Make the Sleepy Lotion







-Sara YLEO

-Harmony YLEO

-Peace and Calming YLEO

-Vetiver YLEO

-Lavender YLEO

-Valor YLEO

-Solid Coconut Oil


How to make:


Whip 2oz of solid Coconut Oil in a mixer for 3 minutes on medium speed. Add 5 drops of each of the Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to the coconut oil. Blend well for an additional 2 minutes on medium speed. Store in a 2oz Canning Jar (must be glass).


Directions for use:


Apply lotion to the entire body before bed. Make sure to focus on the back of the neck and the bottoms of the feet.


How to Make the Neuropathy Cooling Spray





-Clove YLEO

-Lavender YLEO

-Elemi YLEO

-Blue Spruce YLEO

-Eucalytus Radiate YLEO

-Copaiba YLEO

-Coarse Kosher Salt

-Distilled water


How to make:


In a 2oz Glass Spray Bottle, add 5 drops of each of the Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to the bottle. Add to that a pinch of coarse Kosher Salt. Swish the mixture around. Add distilled water to fill up the remainder of the bottle. Shake well.


Directions for use:


Spray the entire body atleast 1 time daily. Can be used up to 5 times daily.


How to Make the Pain Blend





-Dorado Azul YLEO

-Elemi YLEO

-Lavender YLEO

-Copaiba YLEO

-Clove YLEO

-Valerian YLEO

-Vetvier YLEO

-Olive Oil


How to make:


In a 10ml Roller Bottle, add 5 drops each of the Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to the bottle. Fill the remainder with Olive Oil. Shake well.


Directions for use:


Apply every 15 minutes to painful areas. Focus on the back of the neck and the bottoms of the feet. When pain subsides, reduce to every 2 hours as needed.


I’m really so happy that Julia asked me to give these a try. I hope ya'll have found this blog useful.


For more information you can visit the 


Young Living Essential Oils website,




To Order Yours Today You Can Click Here.


Julia's Facebook Page: Essentially Coping With Depression and Anxiety


Julia's Blog









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