My Cooking Adventures

August 31, 2015


I'm having so much fun learning to cook at 32, that I wanted to share my cooking adventures with you. I will post my favorite recipes, with the ups and downs included, monthly in a blog. Before I got sick with my numerous health problems at 19, I loved learning to cook. I wasn't great at meals but I could make some delicious desserts. And I did try with meals, but Sean (my fiance) has always loved to cook, is a wonderful cook and had the time to cook, but now with his new job, he doesn't have the time. And now that I'm able to stand a hot kitchen again, I get to learn how to cook. I'm armed with my mom and Sean's knowledge plus the internet so I'm ready to get my cooking on! Follow me as I spill things, burn food, and hopefully create some tasty meals and some yummy desserts too!


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