Kayla's Stars: Star Count

The FINAL STAR COUNT IS 1118!!! (Unless we get some late)


WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! I am SO amazed! Ya'll helped us more than double our goal of 500 stars! I can't believe it! And there are stars from New Zealand, Germany, England, Canada, all over the US and more! 


A HUGE thank you to everyone that has sent in stars, A HUGE thank you to everyone that is planning on sending in pictures of stars hanging in trees, and A HUGE thank you to everyone that have shared my posts. 


This really means so much to Kayla's family, friends, and everyone that knew her. <3


For more information CLICK HERE.


Susan Cummins 10 stars from Massachusetts
Jenn Mulherin 4 stars from Massachusetts
Suzanne Datti 39 stars from North Carolina
Sara Kopp 33 stars from Nevada
Jimma Dotson 2 stars from North Carolina
Shirley Baker aka Timer 354 stars from North Carolina
Sarah-Jane Barton 150 stars from England
Sheila Hutchinson 16 stars from North Carolina
Donna Zawisa 7 stars from North Carolina 
Glenda Hollar 75 stars from North Carolina 
Marion Steingraeber 10 stars from Germany
Julie Woodley 20 stars from New Zealand
Kathy Barrell 29 stars from Canada
Sandi Gillum 13 stars from Ohio
Rachel Schaff 13 stars from Wisconsin
Maria Greco 23 stars from Canada
Debbie Price 120 stars from Indiana
Dottie Kile 17 stars from Tennessee and then Texas
Terri Yursky 21 stars from Ohio
Suzi Norris 32 stars from Texas
Brenda Marie 50 stars Massachusettes
Me: 80 stars from North Carolina

Susan C. 10 stars

Jenn M. 4 stars

Suzanne D. 39 stars

Sara K. 33 stars

Shirley B. aka Timer 354 stars

Jimma D. 2 stars

Sarah-Jayne B. 150 stars

Sheila H. 16 stars

Donna Z. 7 stars

Glenda H. 75 stars

Marion S. 10 stars

Julie W. 20 stars

Kathy B. 29 stars

Sandi G. 13 stars

Rachel S. 13 stars

Maria G. 23 stars

Debbie P. 120 stars

Dottie K. 17 stars

Terri Y. 21 stars

Suzi N. 32 stars

Brenda Marie 50 stars

Me 80 stars

(I forgot to get a picture of all 80 before we strung them together.)