Would you like to test a pattern for With Alex?


If accepted, you will be one of the first crocheters to test out new patterns by With Alex!


After the pattern is released, you will be provided with a free copy of the completed pdf.

Tester Application



Please email the following information to withalexofficial@gmail.com with the subject line: tester application

and I will get back to you soon. If there are no open calls, I will get back to you as soon as one opens, thank you.



Part 1: You will receive part 1 of the pattern, you will finish it by the deadline and post a photo to instagram and tag me so that I can see it and share it.

Part 2: You will receive the second half of the pattern. Finish it by the deadline, send in the completed questionnaire and post a photo to instagram and tag me so that I can see it and share it.




You agree to test the pattern by the deadline and turn in all requirements. The test will be divided into parts.

Do not resell the pattern, distribute the pattern in any way (including photo or video tutorials) or create a pattern for distribution based on my design. You can, however, sell the finished item you make from the pattern, but you must credit With Alex with the original pattern, with a direct link to the pattern listing on Ravelry.

Do not alter the pattern in any way. If it is not coming out the right size, stitch count is off, etc, please email me and I will make the changes before you continue the test.

You may not base any future pattern designs off of a pattern that you have tested for me, unless you have my written permission.

You may post wips (works in progress) and finished project photos to social media, but you need to credit With Alex (Alexandra Halsey) as the designer and tag With Alex in your photo. You need to also note that you are a tester for this pattern. You also give me permission to use your photos on my social media, blog and etc.


Any tester who fails to finish testing the pattern in the specified time, without prior agreement with me, will be taken off of my testers list and you will not be contacted as a tester ever again. 

By emailing your submission, you agree to these terms and will be held accountable.


Thank you, 


1. Your name.

2. Your email address.

3. Instagram name.

4. How many years have you been crocheting?

5. You understand that the pattern is to be testes as is. No changes. Is this understandable?

6. What is your skill level?

    (a) Beginner (projects for first time crocheters using basic stitches and minimal shaping.)

    (b) Easy (projects using basic stitches, repetitive stitch patterns, simple color changes and simple shaping and finishing.)

    (c) Intermediate (projects using a variety of techniques, such as basic lace patterns or color patterns, mid-level shaping and finishing.)

    (d) Experienced (projects with intricate stitch patterns, techniques, and dimension, such as non repeating patterns, multi-color techniques, fine threads, small hooks, detailed shaping and refined finishing.)

7. Are you experienced and confident with reading/following crochet patterns?

    (a) Very experienced

    (b) comfortable

    (c) some, I have before

    (d) no, not at all

8. Have you tested a crochet pattern before?

9. Are you confident in your ability to check grammar, spelling, stitch count, size measurement and overall readability of a pattern?

    (a) very confident

    (b) fairly confident

    (c) no, not at all

10. Can you provide pictures ? Pictures are a requirement and are just as important as answering the questionnaire and providing feedback. The pictures do not have to be professionally taken but I do expect pictures to be well focused and in natural lighting. You will be required to provide pictures of the following: your swatch, a work in progress, and a final finished photo.

11. Are you goal oriented? Do you have trouble finishing projects by a deadline or can you meet a deadline easily. Most deadlines are between 2 weeks and 1 month.

12. Where did you find out about this test?

Please read the agreement below before emailing your submission, thank you!

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